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Pack Rat Part II

Posted by parsingtime on September 22, 2010

Husband asked me  to go buy him a new coffee maker because his was broken. He has one of those Keurig machines that make one cup at a time because he is the only one who drinks coffee. This particular machine has made it through the Boston to Charlotte to Houston moves so it was bound to break down at some point. Or so I thought.

I go buy the new coffee maker and bring it home.  He starts taking apart the old coffee maker and putting it in the sink. I ask why it is going in the sink. He says so it can get a good clean. Why would it need a good clean, I ask.  So that I can put it in storage, he says.

And that’s when I lose it (figuratively, I didn’t yell or anything). WHY ON EARTH would we put a broken coffee pot in storage?  I told him that if the old coffee maker works well enough for storage than he could continue to use it and I would return the new one.

He conceded to selling the old coffee maker on craigslist because it still works most of the time.

What I want to know is if it is good enough to sell or put in storage why did we need a new one?


One Response to “Pack Rat Part II”

  1. J said

    We men have a biological need to upgrade our toys every so often. Don’t judge!

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