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My Parents the Grandparents

Posted by parsingtime on September 15, 2010

My parents are sort of hilarious. They got home from Europe on Saturday and I went to pick them up from the airport. I got brief hugs from them both before they BOTH sat in the back seat and made faces and cooing noises at their only grandchild. Seriously, I chauffeured them home while they asked to hear every detail in minutiae regarding N’s past two weeks. Oh and they really enjoyed the Salvador Dali museum in his home town, he’s a genius but who cares about that, how long did N cry after her shots?  She wouldn’t have cried if her Nana was there.

Uh sure.

Anyway, then I hear my Dad in the back seat saying that he loves N more than anything in the world and I ask what about me and my sister and he responds, “it’s just different.”  We have clearly moved down in the totem pole and that was made extremely clear when the gifts came out. Purse for me. Bottle of Port for Husband and clothes,  puzzles and hats for N.  Not only clothes, but hand embroidered organic clothing.  My mom told me she picked up this particular hand embroidered organic top and my dad was all, 17 euros for that small thing (thinking it was for one of their little nieces since it was made for a one year old)? And she said it was for N and he said Pay however much you want.

It is not surprising that my dad is gaga over N because he loves babies in general but my mom is known as Adolf Hitler in my world for her strict upbringing of my sister and I. Who knew she would be such a sucker.

Grandparents. I hope N loves hers as much as I love mine.  I have no doubt she will, if only for all the candy, presents and attention.


One Response to “My Parents the Grandparents”

  1. Emilia said

    I tried to warn you. It happens every time! At least it’s your child… imagine if you have no children and have been demoted below your sister’s children! While in Italy, my aunts, Mom, and cousin filled their very large suitcases with gifts for their grandchildren – everyone had to get the exact same number and size of presents… this is why we lugged around 2(!) gladiator outfits from one end of Italy to the other.

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