More Annoyed than Amused

I Ran Yesterday

Posted by parsingtime on September 14, 2010

I went running yesterday.

Let’s not talk about how I almost died in the  Houston humidity or how my legs felt like lead or how my gait felt weird or how I think I swallowed a gnat or I ran a 10 minute mile which is practically a fast walk or how I felt like my ovaries were rattling around in my body every. single. step. Let’s not talk about how my hoo ha and butt burn like I’ve been riding a bike for 15 hours.  Or that I haven’t officially been cleared for exercise yet.

Let’s talk about how I promised myself a couple of weeks ago that every day Husband came home and there was still light out that I would go out running and I made good on that promise for the first time (because he came home earlier than normal).

Let’s talk about how the $40 sports bra that I bought to keep the girls in place did its job (no bounce!). Let’s talk about how I good it felt to be doing something proactive other than diet and getting in what I would call a real work out (versus walking with N (girlfriend has not gained enough weight for the jogging stroller yet) or doing an exercise video). Let’s talk about how I did walking squats as part of my cool down.

Let’s talk about how my body looks more flat than fat (though we still have flab) and that in two months I’m going to be telling you that I’m down to my fighting weight (that’s my goal at least).

Let’s talk about how I had no interest in Husbands cookies after my run which is amazing because for the last few weeks all I could think about was carbs and sugar.

Let’s talk about how good it felt to do something for myself. By myself. Forty minutes with my iPod and my own thoughts (which were mostly, ohmygosh I’m going to die) were bliss.


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