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Prairie Girl

Posted by parsingtime on September 10, 2010

One of Husband’s co-workers sent home a gift for N. It was a dress and bonnet.  The dress looks like something a fundamentalist Mormon woman would wear. The whole thing actually looks very Little House on the Prairie and because I thought the bonnet was hilarious (do people put bonnets on their kids these days?) I put it on N.

Clearly I didn’t know what I was doing because this is on backwards. Doesn’t she look like she is wearing Darth Vader’s helmet?

For some reason this picture makes me laugh. She just looks so silly.

So then I put it on the right way…

I’m not sure that things have improved at all.


3 Responses to “Prairie Girl”

  1. Emilia said

    Awww. I don’t know how pracical it is since it’s still 300 degrees outside, but I like the bonnet! I also like the darth vader look – get her a black one and a little black outfit and you’ve got halloween figured out!

  2. Hannah said

    Any chance it’s a christening gown? Is the coworker a crazy Catholic worried for little N’s unbaptized soul?

  3. It might be…now that I think about it that is exactly what it is. Well have to ask Husband if they are Catholic.

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