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Work At Home

Posted by parsingtime on September 8, 2010

When we came home from the hospital I had to work. Work for the self-employed does not stop nor is there maternity leave. Husband and I figured that I had reduced my work load enough that when I did have to work, I would be able to do so when N was napping or in the evenings when Husband was home.

We are in month three of my busy week at work and I didn’t account for N’s lack of napping (unless she is in her bouncy seat or car — though she sleeps soundly in her crib at night so I’m not sure what gives) and Husband’s insane work schedule right now.

In the few days after N was born all I had to do was work and feed N. My mom and Husband took care of the rest. Last month, my mom came in and watched her while I worked. This month, Husband is out of town, my mom is in Portugal and I’m at a loss. What is going to happen is I’ll have to work late into the night while N is sleeping, which means I lose sleep. Which means when N wakes up at 2am and 5am (she goes to bed around 8ish and sleeps until 1-2ish which is considered sleeping through the night. Last time I checked 6 hours of sleep is not sleeping through the night) I’m tired and send Random texts telling her just how tired I am.

It’s certainly a full-time job (if not more) to be a stay at home mom but balancing the work at home aspect is certainly not something I’ve mastered yet.


One Response to “Work At Home”

  1. Kelly said

    we’d LOVE to have her for a day if you want a day to get some work done. We could use a little more girlyness around here.

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