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I must be tired

Posted by parsingtime on August 26, 2010

This morning as N was making her I’m going to wake up soon noises I thought, I would rather smell Rush Limbaugh’s armpits for a day than get up right now. N is sleeping quite a lot at night but I’m having to get up more (she is going to be earlier so I now get up at 1am and 4-5am instead of just 3am and 7am) and it is painful. Painful.

What do you other mom’s do during those middle of the night feedings? Because I’m going to admit that I surf facebook, read blogs and type one-handed emails on my blackberry. I love that when I email people in my mom’s group I usually get a response by the next feed because they are up with their newborns too.  It makes me feel less alone.

Three days went okay without Husband but this week taught me that I’m grateful to be a work at home mom because getting out the door on time every morning would mean I would have to wake up at 4am everyday. Yesterday we had to get out the door by nine and as I was holding N I felt wetness coming through on to my clothes. She had an explosion that went all up her back, through her clothes and on to mine. It required baths for one of us and a new set of clothes for everyone.


2 Responses to “I must be tired”

  1. Kelly said

    I would catch up on shows on the DVR since I can never watch during the day. I had to do something to keep myself awake or I would fall asleep with the baby nursing and be freaked out that I could have suffocated them.

  2. Hannah said

    Smartphones are essential breastfeeding equipment, I think. I still catch up on FB, email, and the general happenings of the world while I nurse Henry. Also, one of those travel neck pillows is handy. You will be able to doze off while she nurses soon if you can’t already.

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