More Annoyed than Amused

Finally Not Walking Funny

Posted by parsingtime on August 19, 2010

It’s been forty-seven days since N was born and yesterday was the first time I didn’t stand up and feel like all my reproductive organs might fall out. People this is HUGE.  When Random came to visit I had to warn her that I may grab my nether regions in front of her and it wasn’t an homage to Michael Jackson.

I’m also out of granny panties and wearing regular underwear again. I tried to lightly jog yesterday and well no, I’m not that healed but I can walk without feeling pain in my ass so that’s something.  I can see the light.

As for my diet…well I’m just not eating much by way of sugar and carbs but I’m still eating a lot due to the breastfeeding.  I sort of want to kick the celebrities that say they lost all their weight breastfeeding. I did eat baklava yesterday because it was either do that or find someone to sell me some illegal Valium. I ate baklava, took a hot shower and let Husband deal with Screamy McScreamerson.


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