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It Does This By Itself I Swear

Posted by parsingtime on August 18, 2010

Dear People of the Interwebs,

Please tell my mother that she sucks at fixing hair. I’m like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  One side of my hair is styling the prep school boy look and the other side is flock of seagulls. Please see Exhibits A and B.

Someone please give her lessons. Also, note the book in the background. She has read everything I own to me already and keeps rambling on about how boring my books are…I fear she is going to start reading to me from The Economist again or at a minimum Harry Potter. She needs book suggestions otherwise I’m going to have a fear of He Who Must Not Be Named and Kim Jong Il.

Don’t let her give me his haircut or his wardrobe okay?




One Response to “It Does This By Itself I Swear”

  1. Emilia said

    Dear N, I love your crazy hair. Since I had no hair until the age of 3, I envy your crazy hair. Let it be crazy! I can’t wait to see if it’s curly when it gets longer… As for the books, you call me if your crazy Mom starts in on The Economist again. I’ve got your back.
    Love, Aunty Em

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