More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on August 13, 2010

Today my baby will only sleep if I hold her.

Today I went to my neighborhood playgroup for the first time where I found out that none of the other 8 moms have third degree tears, have stretch marks or are having supply issues.

Today I canceled reservations for what would have been Husband and I’s first date in at least 6 weeks because our weekend visitors who decided to not come visit on Wednesday changed their mind. It’s funny I would have been completely fine with visitors this weekend and was even planning for them but when they canceled I made my own plans and I hate that I had to change them because I was looking forward to spending time alone with Husband. But now I’m annoyed with him (not about drinks last night and not about anything rational) and am wondering why I wanted to go on a date with him in the first place. Except that’s what I’m annoyed about. I wanted to spend time with him.  But now I don’t. But I do, but I don’t.

The lack of sleep (and chocolate) really does make me cranky/irrational over dumb things.

Today sucks.


2 Responses to “Today”

  1. Hannah said

    Did your playgroup have any babies the same age? In my mom’s group they don’t usually start showing up until the baby is about 3 months old. You are a new mom overachiever. So maybe the other moms with third degree tears and supply issues are still home nursing their hoo has.

    Good luck with the diet. I was not able to diet without compromising supply until H was well established on solids (7 mos?) but exercise worked fairly well.

  2. The diet is just me cutting my sugar intake and eating healthier and the other mom’s had babies from three months to three weeks. Oh and so not an over achiever just in need of some adult company!

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