More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on July 23, 2010

At some point every day I look at this little person and am amazed that Husband and I made this.

I think I told you I was expecting some sort of love at first sight type thing after being handed N in the hospital room. I didn’t…she felt like some strange alien that just sort of popped out. After almost three weeks of being together I think people say the love they have for their children was instantaneous because (well for some it is instantaneous) looking back on the experience from where they are they can’t imagine not loving their child.

When Emily visited in the hospital she said, “hello sweet girl.” to N. It has stuck and other than Stinker and baby (let’s hope she doesn’t end up like the Dirty Dancing Baby, “Dad I’m not going to Princeton because I met a dance instructor.” Husband totally would totally lose it.) that is probably what I call her the most…she is a sweet girl.

On another note and so we don’t have to end this on a sappy I love my baby moment, my feet are back to normal. They actually look like anorexic feet to me they are so thin compared to what they were. So yay for not having cankles anymore.


One Response to “Amazing”

  1. Emilia said

    If I could embroider (or however you spell that) I’d definitely make her a “sweet girl” blanket! Love the picture!

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