More Annoyed than Amused

Baby Newspaper

Posted by parsingtime on July 21, 2010

N does not like to be wet or dirty. When she has peed or pooped she immediately lets you know by squawking and honestly if she is going Number 2 you don’t need the squawk to know…the noise she emits tells you all you need to know. For a small girl she has some man-sized bathroom sounds. Fortunately now Husband has someone else to blame the fart noises on.  For those parents to be babies pooping can sound like awful diarrhea, never fear it is normal.

The problem however is N likes to take her time with the Number 2. You change her and ten minutes later she needs another change because she wasn’t quite finished before. Girlfriend, needs a newspaper and some privacy to finish up her business.  And sometimes you wait out the squawking to see if she will finish before you change her and end up with squirting poo all over you.

So do I continue to change three diapers in a 30 minute period or do I find the equivalent of a baby newspaper to keep her busy the 20-30 minutes she needs to finish up…these are the dilemmas of my days.

I’ve become infinitely uninteresting.


2 Responses to “Baby Newspaper”

  1. Kelly said

    Join the uninteresting club. All these things uninteresting things will become very precious to you.

  2. Hannah said

    Aw, you’re a mama now, talking about baby poo habits in public. Let her finish unless she’s the rashy type, in which case changing 10 diapers in an hour is better than dealing with a rash.

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