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Day 17: We Went Out

Posted by parsingtime on July 20, 2010

My first outing with a newborn alone went well. N slept through her first trip to the grocery store, podiatrist (to get my crazy toe checked) and dry cleaners. And given that yesterday her longest nap was 26 minutes I was happy with her sleeping for that hour and twenty minutes. The only blip was at the grocery store when I ran into another woman’s cart because I didn’t see it over the car seat. She was very nice and told me she had an 18 month old at home so she understood. And then when I was out in the parking lot I unloaded the groceries, snapped N into her seat and then wondered what I should do with the cart. Do I leave the baby in the car and walk the 30 feet to the cart drop off or should I take her with me? I decided to leave the cart in the empty spot next to me. Bad grocery etiquette I know but I really wasn’t sure what the right answer was. She could be kidnapped! Or get too hot! Or NEED me!

She didn’t sleep yesterday but to make up for being a tad naughty she slept from 11ish to 4am and then 5 to 7:30.  Husband and I both slept like rocks.  It amazing how good several uninterrupted hours of sleep can feel after almost three weeks of two to three hour cat naps.

I have to say Husband has been great the last few weeks. He helping me out during the night and managing to function at work.  I have to function during the day as well but my duties take a lot less brain power (which inappropriate song shall I burp N to today?).

Anyway, I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable in my new role and my hoo ha seems to be doing better (but I have not forgotten the horrible, awful pain that people say you forget). I’m hoping to catch up on some news (I’ve been reading the Economist in a sing song voice to N. She seems to prefer it to US Weekly) and be able to talk about something other than the baby in the near future.

No promises though.


2 Responses to “Day 17: We Went Out”

  1. Hannah said

    I always park within a space or two if the cart corral. Even if there is a space right in front. Sucks, but it’s just easier that way.

  2. Kunal said

    You should get a roll of stickers that says Just had a baby. Then you can stick in on anything you need. Can’t return the grocery cart … sticker. Don’t have time to iron … sticker on the shirt. Husband spending too much time on the computer … sticker on the screen. … 🙂

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