More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on July 12, 2010

*Things to do with baby and recovery can get kind of gross. Please keep that in mind as I write posts over the next few weeks. Sensitive people and children should turn away from the computer.

– Saturday night 9:41pm – we are in bed hoping Baby will sleep and happy to be in bed ourselves.

– KY Jelly – not used for what it’s advertised for but for post-baby bowel movements (these are the things no one tells you about post birth). That first post-baby bowel movement? Might cause you to pass out and wish for death.

– Husband and I have had some personal boundaries that we have never crossed. He has now seen me in every state possible.

– You will need new underwear post-birth. There is swelling and you have to wear two ginormous pads. Two pads that must be changed every time you pee. Also, when you are swelled up with water weight you have to pee a lot.

– Breastfeeding does not come naturally to everyone. Your baby has to learn. You have to learn and even then your body doesn’t always produce enough milk to sustain your hungry baby no matter how many lactation consultants and cups of mothers milk tea you drink.

– Everyone has opinions about what you should do regarding breastfeeding. You should ignore the people who make you feel guilty about pumping your milk and feeding it to your child in a bottle or supplementing with formula. They may have fed exclusively from the breast and they may feel that it is the only way for you to bond with your child but do not let them make you feel guilty. Also, how insensitive do you have to be  to tell a hormonal woman less than one week post delivery that she is doing it all wrong.

– I’ve lost half of the 31lbs I gained in the first week. My stomach looks like a deflated beach ball. The stretch marks are horrifying. Seriously horrifying. Worse than when I was pregnant (when they were stretched out they didn’t look as bad as they do now). Here is what someone one week out from birthing a 7.5lb baby looks like.  In the hospital I looked quite a bit bigger but my stomach continues to shrink. I’m guessing the last 10lbs won’t come off without exercise but that I still have a bit of water weight to lose.

Speaking of water weight.  Yeah, my feet do not normally look like this. I never had cankles during pregnancy but post pregnancy? What a mess.


2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Hannah said

    My MFF went through the jaundice/weight gain issues/pumping/formula supplementation experience and then went on to breastfeed exclusively and easily from 1-15 months, so hang in there. You are NOT doing it wrong. It’s just not easy at first even when everything goes well. It will get much, much better a she gets older!

  2. Emilia said

    You do what’s best for you and little N. As long as she is healthy and happy and growing and you are not stressed out, feed her whatever you need to feed her! Tune out the judges – they aren’t you and their kid isn’t your kid. I can point you in the direction of several moms who didn’t do it “best” and let you judge their kids for yourself.
    As for the feet – I feel your pain (although not your other pain, because my hoo ha is intact. And wants to stay that way). My feet inexplicably swelled that big all 10 days I was in Italy. I had to buy new shoes. It was bizarre and oh so flattering and attractive. Apparently walking 1000 miles and eating lots of cheese covered carbs in a country that views air conditioning as an unnecessary luxury will do that to you. I do have Italian shoes though, so there was that bonus.

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