More Annoyed than Amused

19 and Insane

Posted by parsingtime on July 2, 2010

Currently wondering what kind of mind altering drugs Michelle Duggar is on and where I can get some. That is the only explanation I can think of that make her 19 pregnancies make any sense.

Having ridiculous lower abdomen and back pain right now but am not allowed to go back to L&D unless I’m having contractions 5 minutes apart that cause me to stop what I’m doing or my water breaks.

Also, fearful of going number 2 because if I give birth in my toilet I really will lose  it.

Please send baby come out/water breaking thoughts because I really can’t do this until Tuesday.  Not without seriously maiming someone.


2 Responses to “19 and Insane”

  1. Hannah said

    Can you sleep? Take this opportunity if you can because you won’t be able to sleep when you want to for a long time. Plus labor just goes better if you are nourished and rested. We are thinking of you!

  2. Kelly said

    I will send baby coming out thoughts , but not water breaking thoughts. The idea of you experiencing your water break at home or out somewhere is just too outrageous. It is one of the most unpleasant feelings, plus it makes the contractions hurt a lot worse. It was much better for me when it happened at the hospital 15 minutes before Nicholas was born. Still no fun though.

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