More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on June 30, 2010

That numb big toe I mentioned a few weeks ago? Not pregnancy carpal tunnel but ingrown toe nail exacerbated by swollen pregnancy feet.  How do I know this? It was really painful so I went to the podiatrist yesterday and twenty minutes later I was having minor toe surgery to remove said ingrown. Also, I have a low tolerance for pain if the toe is anything to go by.

So now I have a big ass bandage around my toe and have to take care of this sucker for the next two weeks along with a newborn (who probably won’t arrive for another two weeks because she takes after Husband and wants to make a late entrance into the world).

Ultrasound check up this morning (my first since about 24 weeks or so) to see if Baby is too big to pass through my hips and to check on whether my uterus continues to be a hospitable environment.


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