More Annoyed than Amused

Pottery Barn Kids Rug

Posted by parsingtime on June 28, 2010

So Husband and I are at Pottery Barn Kids picking out a rug for the baby’s room. After trying for weeks to get something neutral-ish I realized it was impossible and I had to resign myself to buying something a tad girly against my will. You know what would be really hilarious in a not so hilarious way? If this kid comes out a boy.  Supposedly this happens to people.

Anyway, so we are there looking at rugs. And this is Husbands conversation with the saleslady.

Do you guys need any help? I’ve been in the rug department for Pottery Barn for ten years.

Yeah, we are trying to decide between these two rugs. Can you tell me what the difference is between them.

Well this one is Chenille.

What is chenille?

Well how would I describe it. I don’t know it is going to be softer than this other rug though.

Oh okay.

Also, this other rug is more prone to pilling. I’ll just be honest here, these rugs aren’t meant to last a lifetime. It will start looking worn and pilling after 2-3 years. Pottery Barn Kids just doesn’t pick good textiles. I was a textile major in college.

A textile major, eh? A textile major who can’t tell Husband the difference between chenille and wool? Awesome.

We bought two rugs because we couldn’t decide and guess what? One of the rugs we received was the wrong color! Because nothing in the furniture/accessory buying business is ever 100% correct for us.  I will give Husband props for picking out the rug we are keeping.  It might be the first decorating decision he has made where I didn’t internally think, “no way is that going in our house.”

Just kidding. Sort of.


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