More Annoyed than Amused

Get Out

Posted by parsingtime on June 24, 2010

Kate Gosselin is scary. It will be interesting to see if her kids end up normal or not.

BP really needs to find some people who maneuver those robots without bumping crap. Watching the running feed on the news of  the oil gushing out is just bad.  Also, burning sea turtles isn’t going to endear you to anyone. Who is running their PR department?

Stanley, I really did like you but you had to be fired after your comments.  There was no way Obama could keep you and not look like a woose. Obama, dude, I voted for you. A lot of that stemmed from the fact that I can’t stand Sarah Palin but please don’t make me regret it.  I really do wonder if the office is just too much for one person. I can’t think of any president since I’ve been alive and taking an interest in politics that has done a decent job. Bill had his sex scandal amongst other things, let’s not get started on GWB, the first George Bush reneged on his no new taxes and lost after four years and Obama is looking just a smidge inept on a lot of different fronts.

Not that I’m a huge fan of either of these women but I do wonder if someone from a business background like Carly Fiorina (who was fired from her job so that’s not really a vote of confidence) or Meg Whitman can do anything for California if they win. I’m curious to see what happens.

Sports have been kind of fun as of late. First, Rodger Federer almost loses, there is a 10 hour Wimbledon match going on, the US won against Algeria in overage time.  I can’t concentrate on a whole lot at the moment since there seems to be a broken record in my head that keeps chanting “get out, get out. GET OUT ALREADY”  so the mindless sports help. I’ve also been watching Weeds, which is about a suburban housewife who becomes a pot dealer.  This is what I’ve been reduced to while I wait. And wait. And wait.


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