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Maternity Clothes: What Worked For Me

Posted by parsingtime on June 17, 2010

Maternity clothes. Here is a brief run down of my experience with maternity clothes:

  • You don’t need maternity underwear if you wear low-rise panties to start with. My weight also did not spread to other locations (backside, thighs) so that probably makes a difference in the underwear requirements. I would definitely recommend waiting to buy new underwear until after you are done being pregnant. Trust me.
  • I have not needed to buy new bras, though if your girls grow several sizes you probably will. Underwires do become painful towards the end (when your stomach/upper body meet in the middle) so I do recommend avoiding those if you can. Nursing sleep bras have been great for days when I’m at home.
  • Bella Band is a must for the first 3-5 months. It keeps you in your regular clothes but lets you keep your pants unbuttoned and comfortable. Target sells one for half the price and it is made by the same people.
  • Maternity Pants – buy from a store that does normal sizes (like Old Navy or Gap). Motherhood sells bottoms in S,M and L (full disclosure I bought a pair of small jeans from there and they fit just as well at 4 months as they do now, so they do grow with you) and if you fit one of those sizes then it’s fine but I found that you feel so much better about your new body if your pants actually fit and aren’t saggy on your butt or where ever.  Gap/Old Navy sell maternity pants in sizes from 0 to forever so the legs/butt fit normal but you have the elastic waist.
  • Maternity Tops – biggest rip off ever for me, at least. I bought several things from Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft and Macy’s that were inexpensive and in regular sizes and I’m still wearing them even as huge as I am now. The current styles work for the pregnant set.  I did buy a couple of real maternity tops from Gap and Target but mostly because I liked the style/color and because you can buy real sizes in those stores so you don’t feel like you are buying a mumu.
  • Maternity tank tops/wife beaters. I’ve worn several things of my own and my mom’s and given them a little extra length with a tank top underneath. I’ve also worn them under tops that have a bit too much cleavage going on.  I could not have lived without these.  I bought mine from Old Navy, they are actually much cheaper there than Target/Gap or anywhere else I’ve looked.
  • Tight Clothing vs. Loose – up until 6 months or so I wore relatively loose clothing, mostly because I felt I still just looked fat vs. pregnant. Once I started to look pregnant I realized that slightly tighter tops looked better. Yes you have a ginormous stomach but the rest of you is relatively normal so just go with it.
  • Pregnant during the summer? Invest in some shorts/skirts/anything in non-jean material. I’m currently living in some Gap shorts and a few skirts. Also, being the last trimester comfort is key.  I have found that the bottoms with the lower waistband are more comfortable than the ones where the waistband comes up over your stomach.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. I never had to buy work clothes so I know nothing about about where to buy those.  I would guess I’ve spent a maximum of $300 in maternity clothes. I’ve been lucky enough to borrow some stuff from friends and get some cute stuff on sale.

That being said I wear the same few tops/bottoms at this point and it does get tiring to be constantly rotating the same things. On the other hand spending money on maternity clothes totally doesn’t interest me.

And in case you were wondering in the photo below I’m wearing motherhood cargo pants that roll up into capris and an Old Navy non-maternity top. I showed Random this t-shirt when she was in town and she was amazed at Old Navy’s sizing system. I don’t think they have a system because some of their small stuff looks like it belongs on a 12-year-old, this style just happened to work for the pregnant set.


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