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AT&T Uverse Sucks

Posted by parsingtime on June 10, 2010

Our cable box went out yesterday. I spent an hour on the phone with the technical support people before they decided that the hard drive had gone out and that they would send someone to replace it. That someone was supposed to show up between 8am and noon today. So I got out of bed and showered much earlier than I would have.

Guess what time he showed up? Guess.

That’s right, 4:30pm. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS after they had promised me. When I called them at noon to find out what was going on they said someone should be out to the house within the hour. When I called them at 2pm they said someone would come soon, though they couldn’t pinpoint what amount of time soon would mean. And no one felt the need to apologize. No one.

Uverse is what is offered in our area so we don’t have the option of changing really but given how awful the service has been in general (not giving us their best deals, having to go into the store to change things, sending the wrong amounts on bills etc) after just three months I don’t have high hopes that this isn’t going to happen again in the future. Perhaps it is time to just cancel TV all together (but then who is going to suffer at 3am when no-name doesn’t want to sleep? Me, that’s who).

And I’d just like to say a little welcome to all the people who are going to find this blog by googling AT&T Uverse Sucks. Because it does.


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