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22 Days until July 1st

Posted by parsingtime on June 9, 2010

So last night I had to get up five times to pee. Five times.  Even though I purposely limit my evening intake of water.  I think this was a certain someone punishing me for eating salmon and vegetables when all she wanted to eat was a peach strawberry smoothie, watermelon and banana bread. Also, I woke up at one point with horrible internal pain on my left hand side…what’s up with that?  It’s hard to know what is normal and what isn’t.

We installed the car seat yesterday, which seemed easier than it should be but then this morning I took it to a car seat safety wellness exam and of course we didn’t exactly install it correctly.  I can’t recommend enough. They were really helpful to someone as clueless as me and showed me the correct way to install the seat, the correct way to change out the straps as your baby grows and where to position the various straps/buckles for maximum safety. They spent 20 minutes with me, folded down the pertinent pages in my car seat manual and they do all these safety checks for free.

I also packed my hospital bag yesterday and we took our last class last night — child care. Swaddling is harder than it looks. We are almost ready…in every way except mentally. Crazy.


3 Responses to “22 Days until July 1st”

  1. Hannah said

    Regular flannel blankets are crap for swaddling. Do you have a Swaddle Me, Miracle Blanket, or muslin blanket? We preferred the Swaddle Me because it’s easy on and off for nighttime diaper changes.

  2. I have one swaddle me…perhaps I will invest in a few more!

  3. Hannah said

    It’s good to have two in case of poosplosions and also because they get stretched out and don’t fit as well so you have to wash them frequently.

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