More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on June 8, 2010

*This is not as articulated as well as I would like but you get my gist.

I get a little frustrated when I see Facebook updates where people are talking about how awful BP is and posting phone numbers and emails for executives at the company. Then they have people commenting on their updates saying things like, I hope BP loses so much money they go bankrupt and shut down.

It’s not that I love BP or anything but people just seem so irrational to me.  Do they really think that a 1000s of people (many of whom had nothing to do with Deepwater) losing their job during a bankruptcy or merger/takeover is helpful, especially in this economy? Didn’t we bail out financial institutions when they screwed up the economy?  Do we stop building bridges when they collapse or force people to move from low-lying hurricane prone areas because of natural disasters (natural disasters are not a great example, I recognize)? Do we ban the use of guns after they are used to kill innocent people or stop flying after terrorist attacks? Bad things happen. It really sucks when it happens in something as beautiful as an ocean or the Brazilian Rain Forest or African Plains.

If we stop all deepwater drilling and gas for some reason goes up to $6 a gallon don’t you think the same people who want BP to shut down will be up in arms about how they can’t afford to feed their children because of the gas prices?

This oil rig business is a mess, people’s livelihoods have been compromised, the environment in and around the Gulf has been damaged probably for generations and it certainly seems as though BP is not doing enough, fast enough, but inundating executives with emails and phone calls isn’t going to help resolve anything.


One Response to “BP”

  1. Car said

    I wholeheartedly agree. My schtick with irrational people both on tv and on social media is their complaint about “why don’t they just do something that would work?!?!”
    Um, would YOU like to try fixing a gushing oil pipe thousands of feet below sea level under intense water pressure??
    I also think that BP is perhaps not doing things fast enough or doing enough things, but at the same time I’m so sick of people that have absolutely no logic, no engineering background, no common sense complaining about how the government or BP cannot seem to do anything and trying to offer up home-made solutions to the mess.

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