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My Cervix is Fort Knox

Posted by parsingtime on June 7, 2010

Well I’ve started the weekly appointments and so far everything is shut tighter than Fort Knox with walls just as thick.  This was definitely not what I wanted to hear.  I was hoping for some thinning/effacement, dilation….but nothing.   The doctor could also feel Baby Time’s head floating around down there (I won’t go into details as we have some sensitive readers out there but if she can feel the baby’s head then you know what the baby can feel?) so she is at least in the right position for lift off.

Husband and I are closer to a name than we have been ever so that’s positive.  I think we have it narrowed down to two.  It only took 36 weeks.

We had a nice weekend. Husband’s co-workers came over for happy hour Friday, we had the neighbors Saturday (which was less nice) and we made some new friends Sunday who weren’t horrifically boring.

I also sat down to pay some bills today and woke up two hours later with two hours worth of drool on my hand. It’s amazing how much drool one can fit on ones hand. Also, amazing is how tired  I currently am and how this tiredness will not compare to the tiredness that is taking care of Baby Time. I can only imagine what the posts on here will look like after she arrives. Something like….I spent two hours cleaning projectile poopdfsldfkjdlkasdf…..zzzz.

We got a new fancy dorky-parents-to-be camera and are taking a basic dslr class next weekend. If every awesome photographer I know didn’t live in SF and China I could just get some lessons from them alas, they all live far away. I’m looking forward to being able to take some decent photos of Baby Time. Hopefully she is photogenic.

I feel like I should warn you that I’m going to be complaining for the next few weeks. I’m hot, my stomach is currently defying gravity, my hips and legs hurt, my big toe is numb (in some sort of pregnancy related toe carpal tunnel, which Husband doesn’t believe exists but does) and when Baby Time moves it sort of feels like an earthquake in my stomach (what she is going is beyond me). And if Baby Time doesn’t show up by July 1st plan on the complaining to rise exponentially every day she delays her entrance into the world. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


3 Responses to “My Cervix is Fort Knox”

  1. Hannah said

    Cervices (?) are renowned liars. My OB doesn’t even do cervical checks until 40 weeks because it is such an unreliable indicator of impending labor. The real reason they do them is so they have a baseline when you go into labor, and also because very pregnant women are desperate for any sign of progress.

    My cousin was shut tight and her water broke at 36 weeks, baby a few hours later. It could happen.

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  3. […] by parsingtime on June 30, 2010 That numb big toe I mentioned a few weeks ago? Not pregnancy carpal tunnel but ingrown toe nail exacerbated by […]

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