More Annoyed than Amused

Al and Tipper

Posted by parsingtime on June 1, 2010

What do you suppose has to happen in order for you to decide to separate after 40 years of marriage?

I mean, sure your Husband has a love child with another woman while you have breast cancer and are trying to raise two kids. That I get.

I’m constantly looking at other people’s marriages and looking for things I want to emulate and things I would never want to do in my own marriage.  I guess even after 40 years marriage is still a lot of work.



One Response to “Al and Tipper”

  1. Hannah said

    I was sad too. Apparently they just grew apart. I guess the lesson is not to let your lives become too separate. But I feel like their stage in life is the reward. Kids raised, healthy and wealthy enough to travel. That’s what Joel and I are hanging on for most days.

    Also, I hope Al is a discreet single gentleman. Eww the idea of him hitting on women in bars.

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