More Annoyed than Amused

One-Dimensional and Uninteresting

Posted by parsingtime on May 28, 2010

Can I write about anything other than my almost kid? No, no I can’t. I’ve become completely one-dimensional.  And I recognize how boring this is for the majority of you.

The kid gets hiccups pretty much every day.  Her hiccups are almost as annoying as me getting the hiccups (rhythmic belly movements are freaky feeling and looking) though it is good to know that her head is down.   I do wonder at all the blood that must be pooled in her head. Can’t feel good.

I’ve gained 27lbs so far. All in my stomach as far as I can tell. Since I already have the stretch marks I’m really regretting not having any ice cream or secret chocolate at my house.  I sort of feel like I can just say screw it at this point and eat the things I really love. Unfortunately, my brain doesn’t allow my feelings to win. So I ate cherries instead of chocolate. Perhaps Husband will take me out for ice cream this weekend (how’s that for a completely unsubtle hint).

There is a new couch in my spotlessly clean house. I’m sitting on the old couch. I’m not sure about the new couch…fortunately, it is returnable should I change my mind.

I’ve been thinking about the hierarchy here in the Time family and forever it has just been Husband and I. Theoretically, we get to be each others Number 1. I don’t have kids so I don’t know how this all works but I know that Baby Time will take up the majority of our time and energy. Kids in general do that. But I do wonder if I will love them equally or love one more than the other. I’m kind of a firm believer in loving your spouse more than or at least equally to your kids. Because at the end of the day your kids are with you temporarily (they go off to college, get married and have adult lives completely separate from yours) and your spouse is forever (so to speak, I know that doesn’t work out for at least 50% of people) and a happy marriage is surely better for your kids than not. I’ll have to make a note to revisit this topic in a few months.

I have this irrational fear that my water will break while I’m laying in our bed. So I have gotten some water proof pads to put under the sheets. The bed will remain free of my bodily fluids.


4 Responses to “One-Dimensional and Uninteresting”

  1. Kiki said

    i vote that uour indulge yourself in some delicious ice cream and think nothing of it:)

  2. Kiki said

    oops…4th word…you 🙂

  3. Erica said

    I can only speak for myself, but given how rarely we get to see each other, I’m truly enjoying hearing about the Time family adventures through the world of baby-production! This is one of life’s biggest (and scariest) adventures- it only makes sense that it’s all you can write about or think about. Keep the stories coming 🙂

  4. Emilia said

    Ice cream cures everything, doesn’t it? I’d try it for the hiccups… if it doesn’t work, at least you got ice cream!

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