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Various Bits and Bobs

Posted by parsingtime on May 26, 2010

No preeclampsia! Yay! My pee was clearly stellar.

Really wishing Husband and I didn’t have family staying with us this weekend. He has been traveling quite a bit for the last month and we have had people over/showers/things going on every weekend for ages and I’m ready for some alone time. I’ve only got a few more weeks where alone time means just the two of us.

I’m starting to feel the Houston heat in every pore in my body. It is less than pleasant.

Can I tell you how much I’ve been enjoying The Week? It is a great magazine for getting the news highlights as well as a bit of arts/life and entertainment news.  They take what they deem to be the best articles from all the various news outlets, including Newsweek, The Economist, Op-Eds from various papers etc. and publish them in one place.  It has been great when I need something lighter than The Economist.

Why is it the older I get the less rational my parents seem to be?

I’ve figured out the crux of the naming issue between Husband and I. He looks at the meaning and picks names where he likes the meaning. This results in names like Chandani, Hemani, Parvati and Indira. I pick names that I think are easy to pronounce and sound nice with our last name, regardless of meaning.  I officially have no hope that this kid will have a name. Ever. Random called last night while I was in the middle of telling Husband why Chandani is a terrible name. I may have to settle for a name I don’t love but I’m not giving her a name I absolutely hate.

Our next door neighbor works on an oil rig, different ones at different times for different companies. He does something specialized with computers. Anyway, he thinks BP is one of the safest in the industry and just had a string of bad luck.  It’s always amazing to me how different the same piece of information can sound depending on who is telling the story.


2 Responses to “Various Bits and Bobs”

  1. Hannah said

    Hemani sounds like the Hermione character in Bollywood version of Harry Potter. Parvati reminds me of Havarti cheese. It’s not just you. He really is stunningly bad at picking names.

    Maybe point out that going by meaning is a crapshoot. Babies are all the same for the first couple of weeks, and it’s probably six months until you see true personality. You could pick some beautiful poetic meaning that has nothing to do with the actual kid.

  2. Emilia said

    I like Indira, but there are political and historical implications with that one… many people don’t know about them, though. Wasn’t there a Parvati in Harry Potter? Hold on while I use my google skils…. ah, yes. Parvati Patil or Patel, depending on which infallible internet source you believe. I vote no. Does husband not remember elementary school and junior high – there have to be nice names that honor your heritage, mean something wonderful, and won’t make Baby No Name the target of juvenile nincompoops? My name means “industrious.” This amuses me when I reflect on the laundry that’s been unfolded in the basket for 2 weeks.
    You should find a book for husband that just has names, not meanings!

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