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Pee in my Fridge

Posted by parsingtime on May 24, 2010

As if pregnancy wasn’t bad enough with the aches and pains, lack of sleeping, small alien kicking your kidneys etc. I have had the added joy of spending 24 hours collecting my pee. Oh yes, there is a jug of urine in my fridge. It is in a big orange container that sort of makes it look like orange juice but it isn’t.

Don’t worry it is very clean because if it wasn’t it wouldn’t be in my fridge. Instead, I get to pee in the hat. Yes, it is called the hat and it fits onto your toilet seat. Don’t put it on your head because you will get an unpleasant surprise. Especially since you aren’t allowed to wash it out between uses.

At this point, I fully expect that most of you have left the blogging room.  I will tell you it is fascinating to know how many ounces you pee every time you go. Don’t ask me why I find it fascinating but it is. Also, the hat and pee collection container have made me realize how dearly I hope to breastfeed because getting up in the middle of the night, peeing in the hat and then taking the hat down to the fridge for relocation was really quite annoying.  I can only imagine how much worse it will be when someone is crying waiting for a bottle to be warmed up.

They will hopefully test this stuff today and find that there is nothing wrong with me  — though what they are checking for is preeclampsia which I chose not to look up until 10 minutes ago and um, yes, let’s hope I don’t have that. My blood pressure etc are all normal so hopefully it is nothing.

I’m trying to take it a bit more easy but it’s hard when you have a nursery to organize,  a house to decorate, a job and the need to finish it all RIGHT. NOW.


3 Responses to “Pee in my Fridge”

  1. Kelly said

    With my pregnancy induced hypertension, I have had the giant bottle of pee in my fridge many times. This too shall pass.

  2. Hannah said

    You’ll probably forget all about this later. Except that you have a blog to record all the horrible things about pregnancy. Mr. Parsing may be in trouble if he ever wants you to do this again. Wishing you an awesome urine count!

  3. Emilia said

    Hopefully your pee is all good – but if not, I know someone who can tell you all about the joys of preeclampsia. So do what the doctor says and take it easy!

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