More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on May 18, 2010

An entire bottle of high efficiency tide somehow managed to open itself up, fall to the ground and spill everywhere.

You know the next time we are doing a big clean up like this it will probably be projectile poop or vomit or something.

Yeah, but at least that is organic and chemical free.

And with that comment I’m officially making Husband the projectile poop cleaner-upper.
Poor Husband had to get down and clean everything up since when I get down I can’t usually get back up. I feel like I should mention that while I haven’t had any weird cravings that require Husband to go out in the middle of the night, he has been a rock star throughout this pregnancy. He doesn’t let me do anything that would cause me to come into contact with chemicals, he rubs my feet all the time (though I should mention he did that pre-pregnancy too), he still seems to think I’m attractive (someone needs an eye exam), he takes my irrational mood swings in stride, he lets me sleep with the fan on high and the AC blasting even though he has to wear a parka to bed and many other things too numerous to name.

In other words he is a good Husband.

I on the other hand have been in crazed hormonal mode and am cranky about our lack of furniture, lack of name and the death of my cilantro plant (to be fair to myself I do believe the cranky comes from not being able to sleep well — this of course does not bode well for when the baby is actually here)…I mean a few days ago I went to go see a dog my mom was dog sitting because I thought she might be lonely all day by herself. The dog. Who normally spends all day by herself.  She was cute though and I wanted to bring her home. A dog! It was like a eureka moment…we should have gotten a dog.

I hope I come back. I may not physically be the same but I need the old semi-rational, less emotional Parsing to come back.


2 Responses to “Tide”

  1. Emilia said

    Now you know how those of us who are always emotional and sometimes irrational feel all the time! Embrace it – it makes the world an infinitely more interesting place!

  2. Hannah said

    Don’t worry, your body somehow knows why you are sleep deprived and allows you to function both physically and emotionally after a brief period of aclimation. It’s almost like we were designed to procreate successfully.

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