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Embarrassment of Riches

Posted by parsingtime on May 17, 2010

Husband has used his veto power to nix Neeva off our list completely.  His alternative suggestion? Lakshmi. Gag me.

This weekend I got to have physical proof of what thoughtful, creative and lovely friends/family I have.  Random flew into from NY, Emilia drove down from the Piney Woods and they along with my sister and Kelly Belly threw me the most lovely baby shower.  Kelly Belly made ridiculously delicious homemade cupcakes that looked like something out of Martha Stewart and Emilia made matching cookies that I couldn’t get Husband to stop stuffing in his mouth.

I had dinner with all my best girlfriends and my fears about having a child were clarified (funny how your girlfriends know what you mean even when you don’t describe it well).  My fears boil down to what a commitment it is to have a baby. Sure you make a huge commitment to your spouse but they come fully formed, somewhat educated, rational and are usually someone you’ve known for a while so even if you don’t know how crazy their long showers are going to make you after marriage you know them well enough that it isn’t a deal breaker.

Babies rely completely on you to make the best decisions about their nutrition, physical care, education etc.  And there is no turning back. It is a huge commitment even if 16 year olds don’t realize it.

Overall a lovely weekend filled with high school memories, catching up with old friends, eating good food, family friends who flew in from all over (the woman who was my first baby sitter in Saudi Arabia came),  and definitely showered me with a mountain of gifts for Baby Time.  She hasn’t even been born and she already dresses better than me.  I’ve also received lovely gifts from the Plano Crew and friends from all walks of Husband and I’s lives that I would certainly not expect things from. We definitely feel loved!

Not to get all sentimental on you but weekends like this make you realize how lucky you are to have met the people in your life. The people who aren’t related to you but choose to care about you, be involved and be interested in the things going on in your life no matter how long it has been since they have seen you last.


One Response to “Embarrassment of Riches”

  1. Emilia said

    It was a great weekend! Baby No Name dresses better than me, too… and you have no idea how much restraint I showed in the clothes department. Oh, the very fashionable tunics and leggings and sundresses and jeans and peasant blouses I didn’t buy – I stuck with the onesies since they’re the most useful, but don’t expect that trend to continue.

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