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A Vote More Important than Bush v. Gore

Posted by parsingtime on May 13, 2010

Husband and I have a slight issue. I have found a name that I really really like. He has been lukewarm on it for the last two weeks.  I told him that I mentioned the name to a friend and that she really liked it and he said that wasn’t a good test of whether it was a good name or not. You have to give people several choices and see what they pick.

So I need you people to take a poll and I need you to pick the name I like, except I won’t be able to tell you what that is because that would negate the results. But as you saw a few blog posts ago even if you pick a name I think is sucky I won’t be naming my kid that. So please vote. The fate of the name I like is in your hands.


3 Responses to “A Vote More Important than Bush v. Gore”

  1. You people are no help.

  2. Erica said

    I’m indecisive with regard to what I want for dinner, much less names for a mini-Parsing. It might not matter so much later in life, but name choice can make or break the elementary through high school experience- it’s too big a decision to vote on randomly! Husband would never know if you sent out a few covert emails to help sway the vote…

  3. Neha said

    LOL, I think I know what your name choice is hahaha. And you know what I voted for 😀

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