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So Sad

Posted by parsingtime on May 4, 2010

Child birth class was very informative it also relieved a lot of stress about my parenting capabilities. I got to see all sorts of people who are about to have a baby and now feel that if they can do it then I certainly can.

I feel bad for Precious. She is 17 or 18 and having a child she is clearly not ready for. She asked what I thought were a lot of random, off topic, slightly dumb questions and then when we were practicing our breathing exercises she was more on the ball than Husband and I. So go figure.  Her baby is due May 28 and she wants to walk at her high school graduation on June 4. I hope that works out for her.

I’m 31 weeks and baby Time’s head is down, which means her legs are still in my lungs. I’m not thrilled about this. She also still hasn’t got a name. I’m very concerned that she will be Baby No Name Time for the rest of her life.

Saddest moment of my week happened last night during breast-feeding class…the lactation lady was talking about how a small glass of wine or glass of beer (neither of which I particularly like) is completely fine while breast-feeding and that everything mostly gets metabolized or something before it reaches your baby. Then she said no foods are off limit unless your baby seems to have an intolerance for them (like excess dairy or something) so I raised my hand and asked if that included sushi.

It does not.  No raw sushi while breast-feeding.

Do you know what I’ve been looking forward to since September? My five-year wedding anniversary in August which would include some liquor, (in the shape of a mojito or an elderflower champagne cocktail), me with some sort of waist and a sushi blowout.

I am crushed.


2 Responses to “So Sad”

  1. Kelly said

    I think the sushi thing may need a second opinion.

  2. Hannah said

    I second Kelly. I can’t imagine why you couldn’t have sushi while breastfeeding.

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