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Child Birthing Class

Posted by parsingtime on May 2, 2010

It’s 7:50am on a Sunday morning and I really really want to skip day 2 of child birth class. It might be because I had to see a video from 1972 of two women giving birth or it could be because Precious is in our class (looks like the actress who plays her, I haven’t actually seen the movie).  I am not kidding.

A little taste of Precious’ comments:

Some girl asks what they did in little house on the prairie days when a mother went past 42 weeks. The instructor responds that at that point the womb is an inhospitable environment and women would give birth to a still born baby. Precious asks why the doctor didn’t just give the woman a c-section.

As for the video…Husband’s boss got kicked out of birthing class many years ago for laughing at the video in his class and he described the part of the video that got him kicked out (it is very specific and involves a cat) and we watched the same video. Do you think Husband and I managed to hold it together watching this cat and thinking of his much older boss getting kicked out of birthing class?

You wouldn’t have either.


2 Responses to “Child Birthing Class”

  1. Hannah said

    Holy Jesus, who is teaching your class? Babies don’t magically die at 42 weeks. 40 weeks is only an average, and it’s based on (a) a woman knowing the first date of her last period, and (b) the woman ovulating exactly on day 14 of a 28 day cycle (not very likely).

    I will shut up now, as your blog isn’t really the forum for this rant.

  2. It was just an example of what people did in the old days before they could induce etc. Not an exact science. The people in our class asked a lot of dumb questions. On the one hand it was annoying on the other it made me feel good about my ability to raise a child.

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