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Husband’s Thirty

Posted by parsingtime on April 30, 2010

Husband turns 30 today.

When we turned 20 we had been dating for less than six months, went sky diving and weren’t old enough to drink. Now we are turning 30, having a kid and I still can’t drink.

Sometimes I think back on the last ten years and am amazed at all the things we have done personally and professionally.  Husband on the other hand reads about this 30 year old guy who just started his own fund with $75 million dollars of his own money and gets a little depressed. Husband, that guy has to work all the time….he doesn’t have time for deep sea fishing in Belize or napping on the couch with his spouse on a Sunday afternoon.

Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see what this decade will bring.


One Response to “Husband’s Thirty”

  1. Kelly said

    Something just seems so wrong and old about thirty. I don’t feel thirty. When I see characters on tv that are supposed to me thirty, I am horrified because they seem much older to me. I think it’s because I really still think I’m twenty. I think once baby no-name is born, husband will no worry nearly so much about measuring up to a millionaire with no life. He’s got it way better and I’ve got a hunch he’s going to have his priorities straight.

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