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Pregnancy Stuff

Posted by parsingtime on April 26, 2010

Big thanks to Kelly for finding this crib bedding.  I think I’m going with this and nursery colors done (not with that rug I found though. That would be overkill. Also Husband isn’t sure he likes it, but, what does he know? He wants something cutesy and I want something that doesn’t look too baby). Kelly come pick all the furniture in my house. Please.

The next person who tells me that my inability to get comfortable and sleep is natures way of preparing me for a baby is going to get a spoon poked into their eye. I am completely aware that the mini despot that is going to enter our lives is going cause me to lose sleep and that waking up every few hours to wipe someone else behind and stick a boob in her face is going to suck hairy goat balls, from a sleep perspective at least.  Perhaps I will turn into supermom and find diaper changing and breastfeeding to be my calling in life. Hahahaha….probably not, but Sarah Palin did get picked to run for VP so stranger things have happened — I don’t need to lose sleep now to know about the sleeplessness that is about to occur. Nature can bite me.

The whole waking up every few hours is going to be interesting given that I’m the girl who has never pulled an all nighter, ever in her life. I find it amusing that just when I would be up in the middle of the night and able to call Random (she pulls all nighters with some frequency) she goes and changes her job. Coincidence? I think not.

Husband looked at me the other day and asked, “do you think we will look back in 18 years from now and eh, it was just okay.”  I told him I hope not.

Husband looked at me last night and said, “I bet you don’t even remember what it’s like not to be pregnant.” Husband, I remember what it’s like to be thin and not pregnant. I was not pregnant for 29 years. You don’t forget being able to get out of bed like a normal human instead of rolling like a fat little sausage.

Speaking of thin, Old Navy is a pregnant woman’s dream store. The stuff is cheap and holy moly the vanity sizing in place there is unbelievable. I still do not fit into any of their maternity (at 30 weeks pregnant) but t-shirts in small and medium? Perfect fit.

10 weeks to go. 22lbs up.  I can still see my feet but not the location where the baby will be making an exit. I’m pretty sure that is a good thing!


2 Responses to “Pregnancy Stuff”

  1. Random said

    You can still call me. The last five years of my life has had plenty of hairy goat balls moments, so I can relate.

    I like the bedding lots.

  2. Emilia said

    I realize I’m woefully late, but I like the bedding, too! You can call me, as well, but I don’t promise to be coherent in the middle of the night. I will listen to you complain and offer my sympathy, though.

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