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Unpacking Discoveries

Posted by parsingtime on April 9, 2010

In the unpacking process I’ve discovered:

  • that I still own my speedo swimsuit from my 7th-8th grade swim team
  • that I own 30 thongs of various styles and brands and I only wear one kind now.  Ladies if you have not tried Hanky Panky’s please do yourself a favor and go get some.
  • I own belts. I never ever wear belts.
  • I didn’t lose that expensive wallet my mom bought me for Christmas several years ago. It had $5 in it. Score!
  • Husband owns 47 white undershirts.
  • Husband owns 33 Polo-style shirts.
  • I hate knick knacks. I thought they made a house homey. They make me feel cluttered (everything makes me feel cluttered right now)
  • The pants I bought in Thailand – the kind that tie around your waist and then you pull through your legs and tie again are the most comfortable maternity pants (Carol do they have a name?). One size fits all!
  • I own approximately 27 items with elephants on them. The madness must stop.

One Response to “Unpacking Discoveries”

  1. Carol said

    They are the BEST. I don’t think they have any official name beside comfy pants. I’ll get you some more when I head home in a couple weeks. Color preferences?

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