More Annoyed than Amused

More Annoyed than Amused

Posted by parsingtime on April 6, 2010

I’m super unimpressed with the progress of my unpacking. This whole don’t bend/lift anything heavy business is impeding my ability to get crap done, as is not being around on weekends when Husband has time to help.

The next person who tells me I should be resting in these last few months of pregnancy is going to get a foot shoved up their ass. If they want me to rest then do something productive to make that happen, like hire a decorator or cut liner for my cupboards.

I don’t like cooking with gas. The open flame is scary.

My hips hurt and the kid has learned how to polka. I’m impressed with her ability to learn new hobbies in a dark and contained environment. I just wish her favorite time to polka wasn’t around 3am when my hips are hurting and I’m wondering if I can get away with throttling Husband and his perfect ability to sleep without pained hips, restless leg syndrome and a bladder the size of a kumquat. She still has no name. If she comes out with the ability to make nutella crepes on an open flame I’ll consider giving her a name other than Helga, Olga or Gertrude.

Husband by far has more clothes than me.  I just never realized it because we scrunched everything up into tiny closets. Now that we each have a side in the master you can really tell.  I do have more shoes than him.

I’ve entered the third trimester and the crankiness factor has just shot up.  I’m so ready to not be a slave to hormones. It is hormones right? Because if this is my new M.O. I give Husband the right to leave me at any time.


One Response to “More Annoyed than Amused”

  1. Kelly said

    You can’t rest in the last few months. There’s way too much to do, plus the nesting instinct is real. That’s why bedrest is doubly horrible. I think you will like cooking with gas once you get used to it. I can’t stand electric now.
    I remember the middle of the night dancing. As she gets bigger though, she will have less room to move around, and it will slow down. You will have other issues then though, sorry.
    Let’s get together soon.

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