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Posted by parsingtime on March 15, 2010

When I was 17 I thought I was going to have the most pathetic birthday ever….everyone I knew including myself was taking the SATs that day. That birthday was saved by a very fun surprise birthday party thrown by Random, Emilia and Kelly.

I’m pretty sure that today is going to go down in history as my most pathetic birthday. Let’s disregard the fact that I can’t celebrate with a cocktail or sushi. Husband is 10 time zones away. My parents are in Vietnam cruising Halong Bay. My sister who was supposed to spend the day with me is at home with a fever and I spent the day fighting with the cable company, calling hard wood floor sanders and getting lock changing quotes.

And just because I’m eating for two that doesn’t mean I will be cooking for one….so grocery store take out will comprise both my lunch and dinner (granted, Central Market grocery take out but still grocery take out).

I think 31 is going to need to be a blowout.

Edit: Husband got me a truly lovely birthday gift. Go Husband.


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Home Owners

Posted by parsingtime on March 12, 2010

We bought a house.  From two gay men who are splitting up. Always buy homes from gay men. They are immaculate and are chock full of excellent decorating ideas. Also, excellent upgrades.

The whole home loan process was so unbelievably painful that I would have to write a 1000 page dissertation just to explain how heinous, time-consuming and ridiculous the whole thing was.  But we have a house. A house with granite counters, real hardwood floors and a ton of natural light.

Come and visit, just not yet because the only thing I’ve ordered is baby furniture.

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Questions for Baby Time

Posted by parsingtime on March 3, 2010

Baby Time is very active at night which is good for Husband since he gets to experience the kicks first hand and bad for me because who can sleep when the tiny human in your stomach keeps punching you in the gut?

Anyway, Husband has started a new game in which he asks Baby Time questions, like, “kick in the next ten seconds if you love me more than Parsing.” And BT rewards him with a kick and he looks at me like, yes, already she knows I’m more awesome than you.

So last night the question was, “kick in the next ten seconds if you are going to be in debate instead of  band.”  There was no kick during Husband’s ten seconds of counting.  There was a kick while Husband was asking the question, so he has determined that she is already so in tune with him her kick before the question was finished counts because they are on the same wave length already.

She may go into debate but at least I get to be really amused when Husband is playing tea parties and barbies in a few years.

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Posted by parsingtime on March 1, 2010

In the last few days I’ve dropped several glasses (shattering only one, fortunately), forgotten to get important things signed and messed up several personal things. All of these things make me want to shed the kind of tears you expect to cry when someone you like has died.

If I haven’t mentioned it before I hate being pregnant. It’s way too emotional for me. I’m so glad that I have four more months of this to endure.

Pregnancy-induced clumsiness is a real phenomena. Its basis stems from a combination of physical and emotional factors, which increase as the pregnancy progresses.

Two physical issues directly affect the agility and dexterity of the pregnant woman. First, the obvious change that occurs in body size and alteration of the center of gravity. Spinal lordosis (sway back) is a natural mechanism that helps a woman carry her enlarging abdomen without falling over. Still, her balance is uneasy- worse when climbing stairs, lifting or carrying a package or walking on slippery or uneven surfaces.

The placenta secretes a hormone called “relaxin” which relaxes the ligaments in the body, allowing the lordosis to occur. It also loosens the joints of the hands, arms, ankles and knees.

Edema and increased cellular water in hands and fingers can affect your grip and sensory perception.

Add to this mix the psychological stressors of pregnancy. In a recent issue of Science Journal, stress was shown to activate an enzyme in the brain which impairs short-term memory and impairs decision making.

I’ve been taking a little blog break. I have nothing non-complaining to say about the major events currently going on in my life….one of which includes living through home mortgage hell. I have determined that being financially responsible along with being self-employed is the fastest way to get denied for a home loan.  So in my next life I am determined that I shall spend money like water and enjoy myself instead of setting up IRAs, 401Ks and buying staid little cars. If we are going to get denied I’d like it to be for something really farking ridiculous, like I bought a time share in a private jet or threw a 30th birthday party for Husband using embezzled funds (I had to ask husband just now what the word was for stealing company funds — that is how messed up my brain is). We actually probably will get this house situation sorted out it has just taken more time and energy than either of us expected it would. Enough that on Friday of this week I was ready to just say forget it, let’s live in an apartment.

Okay, back to my hiatus.

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