More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on March 30, 2010

Our bed is really tall. I’m relatively short. Prior to being pregnant I would sort of balance myself on the slat and get into bed. My pregnant body is not nearly as capable and I’m embarrassed to admit that last night at 2:14am I had to wake Husband to help me into bed. I’m guessing tonight he is going to move the kitchen step stool into our bedroom.

Things I’ve run across while unpacking….Trident cinnamon gum with wrapping that makes it look like it is probably from 1990. Why would I pack gum? A postcard from Paris from a guy I used to work with saying we need to pound some drinks when he gets back. He is now an Appellate Justice.  Little Mermaid playing cards. Clothes that I wore in high school and college that look so tiny at the moment I can’t even contemplate how one leg ever even fit into them. The original Nintendo system with 20 games.  A mini replica of the Taj Mahal.  More pens and clocks from Things Remembered than I care to see.  Photos of me before I started getting my eyebrows done (very scary). A bunch of floppy disks with things like college essays written on them. Do I just chuck them? I don’t have a computer that uses floppys any more.  Notes I passed back and forth to friends in junior high.

I am definitely feeling the urge to purge. I do not want clutter! I want organized linen closets. I feel like I’m giving in already with the kid (and the hideous primary color plastic objects that will over take my house) I do not have to add to the clutter with memorabilia.

I’ve swept and mopped the entire house.  Do you suppose I can count that as my exercise for day? Because it feels like I’ve run five miles.


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