More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on March 25, 2010

It is unclear to me how I’m going to move into our house this weekend when every night this week has been a panic about WHAT TO MAKE FOR DINNER.  When does my mom get back from Vietnam again? And can she just make dinner every night and I’ll just come pick it up or better yet can she just move in as my chef? Can we get someone cheap from India who likes to cook and change diapers?

What to make for dinner is easily the question I hate answering everyday and living at home makes me realize what an inadequate cook I am. I would probably feel differently if I were actually good at it.

I didn’t even want to eat real food last night (oh, don’t worry I did for the baby, protein and lots of vegetables and did she appreciate it? She showed her appreciation by spending 2-4am knocking on my uterus much like a person knocks on walls to find the hollow areas.)…I would have liked to dip myself in a vat of chocolate pudding and sour cream cake donuts. Instead I ate watermelon and cinnamon toast crunch (my latest dessert alternative) as a before dinner snack. While I won’t define how much watermelon I ate, lets just say that my stomach and the amount I ate look very similar.

What to eat is an interesting question during pregnancy.  Do you eat healthy and keep your weight manageable for the weight loss to come or do you eat what you are craving and just figure five to ten more pounds won’t matter? I tend to be in the first camp but I really wish I were in the second mostly because I really want donuts.  And pudding.  And not all the healthy vegetables accompanying dinner.


One Response to “Dinner?”

  1. Kelly said

    I’ve had to go into survival mode with two boys now, but I won’t succomb to Rachel Ray or Sandra Lee style dinners. I’ve got some tried and true easy recipes I can give you.
    Also, indulge the sweet tooth once in a while. As long as you eat the good stuff for the baby, I don’t think it will hurt anything. And, you’ve never been overweight so I have no reason to believe you will gain a ton of weight because of it.
    I like sour cream cake doughnuts too. Glenn and Robert go get doughnuts about once every 6 months on a Saturday and that’s all I want, but he never gets the right kind.

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