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Update on Maternity Clothes

Posted by parsingtime on March 19, 2010

So maternity clothes shopping still sucks but I have found a solution! I’ve bought maternity pants. I have two pairs of jeans, a pair of cargo pants, a pair of capris and a pair of nice black pants. All these things were bought on sale and are functional. There is no beauty in maternity. Only frumpy. I also have several borrowed dresses (Stephen’s wedding is coming up, please belly do not grow out of the borrowed dresses) and skirts with elastic waists. Thanks Kelly!

As for tops. The styles these days (loose tops, cowl neck, spacious tops with those bands on the bottom,  tops that require belts to look cute etc) are pretty functional for the with child set. I bought several inexpensive t-shirts from Old Navy with bands on the bottom (room to grow but the band at the bottom keeps it from looking like a mumu), and then hoofed it over to Ann Taylor Loft and bought several of cute tops from there. I did pay full price for several of them (which pains me) but they looked nice (as nice as less frumpy can look) and I was able to buy smalls so the shirts still fit on my shoulders while making room for Baby Time.  They are the kind of tops that most people would tuck in on wear with a belt so it doesn’t look too loose and flowy on their 100lb frames but for those of us with 15lbs of baby/uterus sitting on their hips it is perfect.

I would have taken photos and given you a little mini fashion show but there is no one here to take the photos. Plus I have to go meet the wood floor guy and give him a check so he can start on the floors. We got the sellers to come down on price to fix the floors but it still pains me to have to write a check when the check we wrote last week for our down payment is still fresh in my mind!

PS – I’m at week 25 and I feel like this pregnancy has slowed to a snail’s pace. Also pregnancy is a full ten months and I’d like to stab whoever started perpetuating that little nine month myth.


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