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GQ not Good Housekeeping

Posted by parsingtime on March 16, 2010

Reille Hunter is repulsed by her photos in GQ magazine.

Speaking on ABC’s The View, co-host Barbara Walters said she had talked to Hunter, 45, on Monday morning, and that Hunter had “cried for two hours” upon seeing the images and deemed them “repulsive.”

Hunter trusted the photographer, Mark Seliger, to take classy photos, according to Walters. But several of them show Hunter lounging around in only a collared white dress shirt and no pants. “I went with the flow,” Walters quoted Hunter as saying.

Oh Reille, you stupid stupid girl. You were taking photos for GQ magazine not Good Housekeeping (also the no pants thing with a photographer present should have been a tip-off). I have no sympathy for you because really you should have known better.  Also, affairs with people running for president never work out.

A change of subject to say that I got 9 hours of the best sleep I’ve had in months last night. And yesterday despite being a tad lonely involved deliveries of flowers, mini eggs, invites to dinner and massage gift certificates amongst other things (I have really wonderful friends). If 30 means getting excellent sleep, which let’s be honest, given my current knocked up situation it won’t, but if it did I would consider it a winner of a year.

Thirty, FTW!


One Response to “GQ not Good Housekeeping”

  1. Emilia said

    No pants always = classy photos. Duh.

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