More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on February 17, 2010

I made my mom an iTunes playlist for her morning workouts. She and my Dad share one iTunes account (and I use the word share very lightly given she has added no music to “their” account). Anyway, while running through my Dad’s music I found things I would expect to find…The Beatles, The Stones, Jim Croce, Bowie, Clapton etc and a playlist called 500 Greatest Rock ‘n Roll Songs, which even I have to admit has some pretty awesome music in it.

And then I ran into Erykah Badu, Sade, Estelle, and Duffy. I didn’t even know my Dad was aware someone named Erykah Badu roamed the earth, let alone owned some of her music.  Which just goes to show you, your parents can still surprise you.  Also, my Indian dad is cooler than yours.

You know my parents drive me crazy quite frequently and sometimes I think they are losing their mental faculties but I really hope that my kid finds me half as surprising and interesting as I find mine.


One Response to “Erykah”

  1. Neha said

    LOL your Indian Dad is definitely cooler than my Indian dad!!! My dad knows as far as Madonna haha.

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