More Annoyed than Amused

Spring Shoes

Posted by parsingtime on February 10, 2010

These have to be the most bizarre shoes I’ve ever seen on a 70 year old man.

They are tennis shoes with a spring on them. When they were flat on the ground it looked like he was wearing high heels. Perhaps he is trying to regain the spring in his step or maybe his granddaughter is Lady Gaga….or maybe this was the first prototype for those Sketchers shoes that promise you a workout while you do every day tasks (they looked really old) and Sketchers stole the idea and now he has to sue. Regardless, tres bizarre.

Sorry for the blurry photo but I’m not very good at covertly taking photos especially since the blackberry clicks really loudly when it takes a photo.

Also, I never updated you on Denim Therapy. If you have a beloved pair of jeans that get a hole in them or frayed all around the bottom, I highly recommend you mail them off to Denim Therapy. They fixed my beloved (and expensive) Joe’s Jeans for $7 and you can’t even tell they have been re-weaved.   They fix any jeans  for $7 an inch and can even turn your favorite jeans into maternity jeans and then back into regular jeans for $60!  And if you are in NYC you don’t even have to pay for postage.


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