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Maternity Clothes

Posted by parsingtime on February 9, 2010

In a word, shopping for maternity clothes sucks. Especially when you are 20 weeks pregnant and 9lbs heavier than you were before you were pregnant.

I continue to gain weight at a pretty normal rate. I will admit to trying to be reasonably healthy and not using pregnancy and as excuse to eat whatever the hell I want.  I have yet to sit and eat an entire bag of cheetos or a container of Hagen Daz (though Husband and I shared a marble slab concoction of oreos, cake batter, cookie dough and hot fudge on Saturday and I was sad I had gotten a small because I could have totally downed three larges all by myself).  My own clothes however, save for a few empire waist items, fit like a fat sausage trying to fit into a teeny tiny casing (what are those casings made out of anyway? Sausage and hot dog type items are so mysterious).  So I went looking for some maternity clothes and those are like gigantic mumus that hang off my body making it look like I ought to gain another 100lbs just so I fit.

Where are the designers with the in between clothes? I don’t think I will be in “real” maternity clothes for at least another two months  so what do I do in the meantime? Someone needs to come up with the in between clothes. The bella band is my new best friend (except I use the cheap Target version), I have a pair of maternity jeans that sag like nobody’s business and several maternity wifebeaters to wear under my regular tops but other than that I’m at a loss.

There is already enough suffering during pregnancy the least someone could do make it so I can dress and not feel frumpy. Rotating outfits and wearing the same thing every three days is not working for me.

Also, I was wearing my “good” outfit the one that makes me look like I’m not pregnant or just fat yesterday because I had a meeting with the mortgage loan lady (and I said I had no dependents and I don’t want her thinking about how I have a negative 5 months dependent) and she cancelled on me and rescheduled for today…so I had to come home and wash my meet the loan officer outfit. No good.


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