More Annoyed than Amused

Now He Wants a Boy

Posted by parsingtime on February 8, 2010

You seem a little sad about the girl news.

No, but maybe now I think I wanted a boy.


I mean what are we going to talk about? She’ll want to get manicures with you and I’ll be home twiddling my thumbs watching the game by myself. She probably won’t even like stocks.

She might like stocks. But I don’t like stocks and we still have stuff to talk about.

I guess.

She might not like manicures. She might like trains and football.

I guess. Do you think she’ll want to go to business school? [Insert Husband’s actual alma mater in here]

I don’t know, maybe. Do you want her to go to your school?


And the conversation continued (including what are we going to do when she brings home some random guy she wants to marry and we hate — I told Husband we have 25 years to think of a solution so we will probably be fine) and I thought everything was fine until Husband said well if we don’t have a boy next time we will have to try for a third. And then I laughed uproariously, asked him about his malthusian population control issues and told him, no way buddy.

I may not feel maternal yet but I think Husband became a Dad at that ultrasound.


3 Responses to “Now He Wants a Boy”

  1. Kelly said

    I find this quite amusing in light of his scolding of me for wanting to try for a girl and contributing to the demise of society as we know it 🙂

  2. Emilia said

    A few things to remind husband… were there no women in his business school? Doesn’t Random know a bit about the financial world? Were you enthralled with manicures as a child? I seem to remember you could hold your own with your dad and his friends… I think your daughter will do just fine! After all, I’m sure even financially minded women need well manicured nails! If she inherits your nails, she’ll have them naturally! (shows you how much I know… financially minded? You know what I mean!)

  3. Random said

    As a financially minded woman, I do enjoy manicured nails.

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