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And It’s A…

Posted by parsingtime on February 5, 2010

We had our anatomy scan yesterday and we are having a girl! Everyone here at the Parsing family is happy. Though both Husband and I could have done without the ultrasound tech pointing out our negative 5 month old baby’s anatomy in such clinical terms. Saying it’s a girl would have been preferable.  It totally made me think of her as a 13 year old with hormones, yelling at me for never letting her do anything fun and everyone else has hot pink bras why can’t she (I’m not sure why since neither my sister or I were like that).

Husband and I also separately had the same thought which was, “oh crap now we have to budget for her wedding.”

Honestly, the whole thing has become a lot more real for me. She was moving around and looked to generally be having a good time in there. The Beast is a girl.  So crazy. We need a new nickname for her I think, any suggestions?  I tried to scan our ultrasound photo but the black and white didn’t come out that well.

For some reason I expect her to look like this in five months, but I suppose she could just as easily look like Husband (I don’t have any baby photos of him though).

(Hello Parsingtime as a wrinkly monkey baby — my mom’s description)

I can’t believe someone is going to let me take something this small home without instructions. I mean a flat screen TV comes with more instructional material than a baby.

Holy crap people, we are having a baby.


5 Responses to “And It’s A…”

  1. Hannah said

    The nurse will show you how to change a diaper. Once. Then you are on your own (at least in my hospital). Most pediatricians do give out a handy little packet at each well check that gives you some basic tips on how to keep your baby alive until the next appointment. So that’s helpful.

    Very excited for your girl. Can I humbly suggest calling her Kelly Kapoor? Not because you are Indian, but because she seems very high maintenance.

  2. Emilia said

    I can’t wait to meet this baby girl!

  3. Neha said

    Aww how exciting! Congrats on your future baby girl!

  4. Carol said


  5. Summer said

    YEAH!!!! Sorry, I have been swamped at work so I am just now updating myself on all the goings on of the Parsingtime family.

    I am sure Husband is thrilled that it’s a girl! (You’re so screwed…she is going to have him wrapped around her finger and there is nothing you can do about it!)

    I am so excited for you guys! I get to be Aunt Summer, right? 🙂

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