More Annoyed than Amused

Driver Decision Day

Posted by parsingtime on February 3, 2010

Well today is D day. As in driver’s license day. Will I become a felon of the state of Georgia and have my license revoked in North Carolina? Who knows.  I wonder if there is internet in prison? I could become famous as the pregnant blogging felon. Then I’ll write a book about my experiences in prison and then I’ll have a Lifetime movie made of my story. The only question is, who will play me in the movie?

Seriously though, my attorney better step up and make something happen.

Also today may be the day we decide on the house we are going to bid on. After much back and forth over two particular houses, including a visit from my in-laws last weekend to check them out we may just go for a third house that wasn’t on our radar until Sunday afternoon.   I know a lot of my real life friends out in cyberspace haven’t bought homes yet and I just want to say — it is hard and less fun than you would expect.  But that could be because I like to see high numbers in my bank account verses looking at a brick building.


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