More Annoyed than Amused

Boy or Girl

Posted by parsingtime on February 2, 2010

I hope we have a girl.

Really? I would have thought a boy.

No, a girl. They are cuter and more fun. More importantly they love their dad more than their moms.  And at the end of the day that’s all that matters…that they love me more than you. Plus if you do something crazy a girl is more likely to throw you under the bus and tell me what’s been going on.

We also recently had a discussion about discipline and I asked Husband if he was going to back me up on the whole discipline and his response? I will, unless the kid is going to get upset with me. It needs to love me unconditionally. If you don’t love me unconditionally I’ll be okay.

People, this is the man I chose to marry of my own free will. We find out soon…almost to the halfway point!


One Response to “Boy or Girl”

  1. Hannah said

    The discipline part is hard at first because you spend the first few months fulfilling their every need and desire. Until they start biting all the kids at playgroup and you become that mom who can’t control her kid. Then it gets a lot easier to say no.

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