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More House

Posted by parsingtime on January 27, 2010

We found a great house this week. It fits our criteria in all but one area and is on a street we like in the neighborhood we like…the only problem is it isn’t move in ready. It needs new carpet in the bedrooms, new appliances, new counter tops and new paint everywhere (I mean from doors to ceilings — my real estate agent thinks I can live with the mocha walls, a red accent wall and lemon bedrooms but I can’t). So I would guess about $15-$20,000 worth of work.

We would price it as the fair value on a square foot basis for that area and then knock off the amount of work needed to be done and offer that much but it makes me nervous. I’m not able to pick decorative accents without feeling buyers remorse let alone picking a house,  paint and carpet.  HGTV has not improved my decorating sense.

And of course the real estate agent wants to make an offer on the house like, NOW NOW NOW. And I need time to think about it.  Of course someone else may make an offer on it but would I be heart-broken? So many people tell me they walked into a house and just knew that it was the perfect house for them. I have yet to feel that way.

So do you wait for that feeling or do you acknowledge that this is your first home and unlikely to be your last and go with what works for now?

I have such first world problems. I’m going to go self-flagellate.


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