More Annoyed than Amused

Baby Talk from the Weekend

Posted by parsingtime on January 25, 2010

First, off when I walked into the café on Friday, Kelly looked at me and said, “you don’t look pregnant at all.”  That plus a piece of chocolate mousse cake made my Friday.

Second, Emilia gave me my first baby gift…cute little socks that look like Converse sneakers. Disturbingly, when I showed them to my mom she said, “you know those are going to be too big for a newborn”. People they are like the size of my thumb!  I don’t think I’m capable of taking care of something with feet smaller than my thumb.

Third, I should have a category that titled They let anyone Procreate (but that doesn’t mean they should).  Husband and I have conversations like this one all the time.

You know I read that this week the baby is moving around and rolling and doing all sorts of crazy stuff in there.

Do you think that if we put the equivalent of a baby scuba mask on it after it is born and put it water it would still be able to do all that stuff.

I don’t know. Probably.

Do you think babies get really angry when they come out? I mean they get put into what is basically a baby straight jacket after having all that freedom to move around.

That would explain why babies cry so much.

Fourth, Delores, the housekeeper, whom I love dearly (she sweeps under the couch and moves furniture) says that I’m having a girl. We had a broken English, poor Spanish conversation consisting with her telling me that if I haven’t felt the baby move yet then I’m having a girl. Boy babies move earlier than girl babies in her personal baby experience. And my next door neighbor’s mother thinks I’m having a boy, because she was never sick and she has boys.


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