More Annoyed than Amused


Posted by parsingtime on January 15, 2010

Just when I think the Beast and I have found a way to coexist the Beast throws me a curve ball and I remember who is in charge. Just a hint, it’s not me.

This morning after my usual breakfast of cereal and hot water I was still feeling a little hungry so I ate a kiwi (a delicious kiwi, why is the fruit in Texas so good? This week alone I have had delicious red pears, pineapple, clementines and grapes). About a minute after eating the kiwi I thought I felt a little funny. Like throw up funny, which really isn’t funny at all.

So I parked myself in front of the toilet and after another minute of deep breathing and telling myself I was just making up all that throwing up business, I threw up. Multiple times.   My mom came in to rub my back and brought me some water and one little sip of that brought on even more throwing up.  BTW, random aside to say IT IS SO WEIRD to think that very soon I’m going to be the mom rubbing backs and bringing water. So weird.

Throwing up is not cool given that I’m in my 16th week. But I feel that this is just a taste of the nature of the Beast. Mercurial.

Kiwi, milk and Kashi cereal is so not good in reverse.  I then topped off my morning by spending it at DPS, where I took the most hideous license photo known to man. I also lied on my application and put my non-pregnant weight on the form instead of my current weight. This is not actually a lie since I will have the license longer than I will be pregnant. I did the same thing when filling out mortgage applications — I ticked “no” when asked if I have dependents. Until the Beast is a real tax deduction I don’t have dependents.


3 Responses to “Mercurial”

  1. Emilia said

    Just yesterday you bragged about not being sick… never brag. The beast will always prove you wrong.

  2. chengster said

    hope you feel better! and congrats on so many things!!

  3. Hannah said

    If it was easy you wouldn’t gave anythig to hang over Mr. Parsing’s head for the rest of his life, now would you?

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